Class Descriptions

Level 1 Yoga (Mon, Wed, Fri – 9am – 60 min)

This class represents the core of my yoga teaching. With students routinely coming  three times a week to this class, I balance variety with consistency, teaching a syllabus of foundational poses appropriate both for beginners and for those who have been practicing for a while. Sequenced to promote strength, mobility, and flexibility, while also providing an anchor to a busy or stressful day, I cycle through different kinds of practice to keep classes from become stale or rote, while making sure that, if you are only able to come even once a week on a regular basis, you’re getting what you need from the class.

Level 1 Yoga (Sun – 10am – 90 min)

The extra 30 minutes in this Level 1 class allows the sequence to be both more well-rounded, including a bit of all the important aspects of a yoga practice, and to include deeper exploration of poses drawn from the same foundational syllabus as the 60-minute classes.

Levels 1+2 Yoga (Wed – 6pm – 90 min)

The poses in this class are drawn from the same fundamental syllabus, but include deeper explorations of technique making it accessible for Level 1 practitioners while still interesting to those with more experience.

Levels 2+3 Yoga (Fri 6pm – Sun 12pm – 90 min)

These two classes build on Wednesday evening’s class, including more challenging poses, with modifications so that no one is asked to do something they’re not comfortable doing. The sequences I teach on Friday and Sunday are similar, but not identical, so that those who come to both get some repetition to solidify the techniques I’m exploring, but some variety to apply those techniques to different poses. Wednesday night, Friday night, and Sunday lunchtime’s classes work together as an extended practice for those who want to go deeper into my teachings.

The Quiet Practice (Tue – 12pm – 45 min)

Based on the principles of the Alexander Technique, The Quiet Practice explores posture and movement on the most fundamental and essential level. With guided Constructive Rest and simple, mundane movements, in this class I explore how to release detrimental postural and movement habits  and how to repattern them so that you can be more at ease in your body.