“Witold is very sensitive to the nuances of a movement. He can correct small problems so that they don’t become large problems, or see where a large problem is stemming from a small problem. Since working with Witold I stand straighter, walk efficiently, and breathe more deeply. These changes have given me more confidence and mental clarity. I have come to feel that Witold and I are partners who are working together. He listens to my concerns of the day and customizes the lesson to those needs. This collaboration with Witold has been critical in support of my journey to health, and I heartily recommend him as an Alexander Technique teacher.”

— Kit Schneider (Alexander Technique Student, Brooklyn NY)

“I stand here as a person who is markedly better because of Witold Fitz-Simon. Since starting yoga classes with him I have found greater flexibility, strength, and range of motion, improved posture, and poise that are evident to me by simply walking or standing. Little aches and pains have diminished or disappeared. I can now fold myself into airline or theater seats and not have to worry about constantly excusing myself to stretch. Most of all, though, Witold’s instruction has fostered a deep enjoyment in yoga. His focus on good and improved form, his clear instructions, and timely adjustments create an environment where every class is a moment to succeed.”

— Grant Bremer (Yoga Student, Brooklyn NY)

“Witold is a wonderful teacher, very thorough and precise in his instructions and demonstrations. Even in a large class, he always finds time to give personalized instructions to each student without interrupting the flow of his prepared sequence of poses. I am 58 years old and started practicing yoga a few years ago as a way to relieve chronic lower back pain. Witold’s classes have helped me reduce tension and tightness throughout my whole body. It is an extremely rewarding and pleasurable experience to feel the strains in my body release, and my muscles, joints, and bones lengthen, widen, and open.”

— Peter Sullivan (Yoga Student, Brooklyn NY)

“Witold was my mentor for my two years of teacher training [at Yogasana Center in Brooklyn] and it’s not an understatement to say he changed my practice completely. He found all the habits that weren’t serving me (many adaptive habits that had come out of a severe back injury years ago) and my practice is stronger now than ever.”

— Robin Pickering (Yoga Teacher, Brooklyn NY)

“It is no exaggeration to say that Witold’s teaching changed my life. I wandered in to one of his classes and my practice took on a whole new direction. Witold embodies a lovely combination of discipline and ease: He certainly knows his stuff and yet infuses his teachings with personal experience and point of view. Witold walks the walk – in an “ease on down the road” sort of way – and he will help you do it too.”

— Kate Hanley (Yoga Teacher, Author of The 28 Days Lighter Diet and The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide)

“Witold brings a unique combination of skills to his teaching, with a rich background in yoga, Alexander Technique and teacher training. His classes are especially notable for clarity of communication and sensitivity to the individual practitioner. I could not recommend him more highly; for continuing education, you could not be in better, more expert hands than Witold’s.”

— Sandy Blaine (Yoga Teacher, Author of Yoga for Healthy Knees and Yoga for Computer Users)