Have you ever struggled to express yourself with the written word? Writer’s block, lack of confidence, procrastination, and lack of inspiration can all cripple a writer’s ability to work. Only when the mind is centered, the body relaxed, and the nervous system calm can a writer be truly creative and productive. Unleash your innate creativity and generate new work with the mindfulness and embodiment practices of yoga, embodied anatomy, and the Alexander Technique.

Open to writers, artists, and creative spirits of all levels and genres, from new beginners to established writing professionals.

Each session in this 4-part series explores the connection between mind, body, and a crucial foundation of the writer’s craft.

Each session will include a guided meditation, mindful embodiment practices, and structured writing periods interspersed with periods of reflection. 

The Sessions

Session 1: Jumpstart Your Writing Practice
Session 2: Find Your Flow State
Session 3: Self-Care for Writers
Session 4: Tame Your Critical Lion

Writing from the Body Workbook

Participants in the series will receive the WRITING FROM THE BODY WORKBOOK, with structured daily meditations to help them establish their daily writing practice and integrate the work.

You will learn how to:

  • Release the stress and anxiety that block your creative flow.
  • Employ accessible techniques to center your mind and dispel distractions.
  • Counteract the pitfalls of the creative process that inhibit generating new material, evolving and developing works in progress, and effective revision.
  • Establish a resilient and confident writing practice.

What you’ll need:

  • A comfortable place to lie down.
  • Something firm to rest your head on, such as a book or a blanket.
  • A comfortable chair and a surface to write on.
  • The writing implements of your choice.

Session 1: Jump Start Your Writing Practice

In this generative session, you will learn techniques to calm your nervous system and develop your inner awareness to free writer’s block and increase focus and productivity. Structured writing periods will give you a safe container in which to find new inspiration, start a project, or refresh an existing one.

Session 2: Find Your Flow State

In a “flow state,” self-consciousness disappears and the writer is completely engaged in the material. In this generative workshop you will learn techniques to encourage the spontaneous emergence of your flow state. Guided meditation and writing exercises will help you find the mindset that will allow you to access and sustain your creativity.

Session 3: Self-Care For Writers

Writing is a physical endeavor that exacts a toll on the body. In this workshop you will learn how to improve your posture while writing, how to stretch your body to prevent repetitive strain, and how to refresh and renew yourself to support your writing practice with accessible yoga practices.

Session 4: Tame Your Critical Lion

Your ability to think critically is a powerful tool to develop and refine your work, but, left unchecked, it can undermine your self-confidence and cause resistance and writer’s block. In this workshop you will learn how to release the stress and anxiety that comes with critical thinking, and how to balance critical and uncritical thinking to supercharge your work.

About Witold

Witold Fitz-Simon is a nationally certified Alexander Technique teacher, a certified yoga instructor, and a student of embodied anatomy and developmental movement. He served as a faculty member on the American Center for the Alexander Technique’s teacher training program from 2016 until its closure in 2018, and has taught actors, athletes, writers, musicians, lawyers, yoga teachers, and knitters in his private practice in New York City since 2014, and has taught group yoga classes since 2000. He earned his BFA in film and television with a specialization in screenwriting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He is author of The Witch of Cheyne Heath quartet of fantasy novels.